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Why are so many celebrities on Adderall?

Some celebrities are thought to take Adderall pills- Natural alternatives to Adderall blog

as their bodies do not create the proper amount of dopamine for their brain to function properly. This causes them to not be able to focus properly as many of them suffer from ADHD from this chemical imbalance. Unfortunately some people are misdiagnosed or seek out this medication when they are not diagnosed with ADHD which can lead to addiction.images

Celebrities that have been known to take Adderall are usually the ones that have had substance abuse issues with it, as people receiving successful treatment is not deemed newsworthy. Among those that have had issues include Lindsey Lohan who recently stopped taking Adderall as of 2013 as she says that she was incorrectly diagnosed as a child. It is now believed that ADHD is unfortunately sometimes misdiagnosed for psychological conditions such as Narcissism which can make these conditions even worse. It is vitally important that people get a proper diagnosis for ADHD as drugs that increase dopamine levels like Adderall can help medical conditions, but are also addictive in the same regards as other dopamine boosters like Cocaine which is illegal and not available by prescription.

Many people cannot understand why so many celebrities suffer from addiction problems but it does make sense when we think about it. Celebrities usually start out not being famous and then very quickly receive large amounts of attention which causes stress to themselves and the relationships in their lives. Celebrities also many times work long hours on set and have many personal responsibilities making their days very strenuous. This leads them to want to stay energized for long periods. When we combine these different factors and add in a dopamine booster of the magnitude of a drug like Adderall it can be a recipe for serious drug addiction as the misdiagnosed person mistakenly takes their issues to be an uncontrollable attention disorder needing drugs, instead of psychological or other factors that they need to address.

Just like celebrities every day people run into the same issues which is why it is important that we get the proper diagnosis to treat whatever issue that it is we are facing. Many people indeed do suffer from ADHD while other people’s issues revolve around something other than ADHD like a lack of sleep or proper dietary considerations. Because there are so many things that can throw off an ADHD diagnosis it is very important that our doctors eliminate all these other factors to get the right diagnosis.

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